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Power Flow reaches out to Beech owners
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DAYTON BEACH, Florida — Power Flow Systems has developed an enticement for members of the Beech Aero Club: If one to five members sign up for a tuned exhaust system before Nov. 30, they will automatically see a $500 reduction in the normal $4,290 price.

The first 10 customers will also receive a ceramic coated tailpipe without the normal $200 additional charge.As more members sign on, the price will continue to drop, company officials noted.
For every five additional orders, the cost will come down another $100 for all who have signed up. This will continue up through 25 orders ,which would result in a $1,000 drop in the retail price for all participants.

In conjunction with this offer, Power Flow’s Authorized Dealer, Mike Goss Aviation in Alexander City Airport (KALX), Alexander City, Alabama, will provide other inducements on their installation services to BAC Members.

Power Flow’s tuned exhaust systems have an impact on the efficiency of an engine, bringing it up to its full rated horsepower and saving on fuel burn, company officials explain. In replacing the original exhaust pipes, the Power Flow system can increase rpm, rate of climb and improve engine cooling, they add.



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