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Picture of the day: Landing at ATL … in a piston plane
2018-09-21   Source:Aircraftnurse   Views:1980   

Hal Denton, known by many at Captain Hal, sent in this photo, with a brief explanation: “When I knew I had a meeting at the Renaissance Hotel in Atlanta, I thought ‘what a great time to put my license to good use.’ If I could land at ATL, I could walk to my meeting.

However, I was intiated at landing at “the busiest airport” in the US. I filed a IFR flight plan to be sure everyone knew what I wanted.

The controllers were as nice or nicer than they have ever been, even with me bringing a little piston plane into their space. Leaving at 5 on a Friday afternoon was just as easy and so gratifying to watch the car traffic below while climbing back to altitude.”



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